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Negotiation Boot Camp clients and testimonials

Negotiation Boot Camp® is the seminar of choice for the following companies:

American Airlines
   Negotiation Boot Camp Clients participating in exercise
    "The case studies were great exercises that I will remember forever. Negotiation Boot Camp has helped me to become more influential and to get my ideas accepted in a non-confrontational way."

Baker Hughes  
    "Ed's programs have received high marks from all our employees who have been participants (sixteen seminars). Everyone who talks to a customer and everyone who talks to a supplier needs to go to this one!"

Cessna Aircraft  
  "Ed's presentations were a huge success. The extent to which Ed captured the uniqueness and terminology of our business in the customized case studies and situational exercises added immense credibility."

  "The content of your program, the delivery, and especially the customization of the material was appreciated by all."

  "The seminar produced the best overall participant ratings we have had for any of our development programs. And we received excellent success stories in which the techniques they learned were put to use to bring about very successful, positive negotiations."

  "The value we got from this class in terms of securing better deals for us was well worth the money we paid for it. Ed was a very knowledgeable speaker who took time to learn and understand our business. At times he seemed to know our contract better than we do."

  "Ed was a hit at our National Sales Meeting. He was funny, engaging, and his material was dead-on in terms of the areas of sales we need to strengthen."

FTI Consulting
  "Negotiation Boot Camp got high marks from the team. The customized role-play was a huge success. Thanks for coming!"

Genentech, Inc.
  "I'm now asking for concessions and getting them! Once you've been through Negotiation Boot Camp you are ready for the business of negotiation."

Glenborough Realty Trust
  "Your presentation has made the leasing team more effective and that is the real value add that we hoped to achieve."

The Hartford Insurance
  "Negotiation Boot Camp was a huge success which far exceeded expectations. Each sales rep is now equipped with new tactics which they can employ immediately."

Heartland Financial
  "Ed's interactive, practical approach to our workshop and the role playing sessions were appreciated by all our participants."

Heat and Control
  "In today's extremely competitive marketplace the skills you taught us will prove to be invaluable. I am certain your fee will prove to be the wisest money we have ever spent."

Huntington Equipment Finance
  "The information was not only tailored specifically to our group and industry, but it also had a lot of value for everyday life. Our team got a lot out of the training and will be a better sales force because of it."

Infogain Corporation
  "Your ability to adapt your presentation to our market, address our specific needs, and even understand our competitors was impressive to say the least. I can't thank you enough."

JAC Products
  "The group enjoyed your participation in our 2017 Global Sales Conference. The information you shared as well as the format—the breakout sessions, mock negotiations and your presentation style—kept everyone engaged. We are looking forward to putting it to work."

J.D. Edwards
  "Your course was, without doubt, the best class on negotiation that I have ever attended. The case studies and exercises were tailored to the needs of my sales and marketing teams; they were instantly able to relate to the situations you posed to them."

  "Thank you for the wonderful presentation of Negotiation Boot Camp to our patent attorneys. Working with you to tailor the exercises to patent related matters allowed me to observe your manner and style, both of which are professional yet warm. Thanks again for a most enjoyable and, more importantly, valuable seminar."

LANDesk Software, Inc.
  "In the year after Negotiation Boot Camp, our average sales price increased by a whopping 59 percent. There is no doubt that Ed's seminar was a major contributor -- our salespeople learned how to negotiate customer price objections."

Luxury Link Travel Group
  "The way you customized the program to our unique model was key to keeping our sales team engaged and receptive; simply put, without your contribution our Sales Summit would not have been as successful as it was. The comments from the team have all been glowing."

Machado Corporate Brazil
  "I can tell you, it is not easy to find such a good speaker as Ed! He was fantastic and, from zero to ten, audience gave him 9.7. Negotiation speakers from Harvard Business School we had hired in the past never got such a grade."

Motorola Computer Group
  "The most significant thing I learned was the negotiation process. I now know the 'pieces' I have been leaving out!"

National Semiconductor
  "You came off as someone who knew what he was talking about, not just in theory but in practice. The feedback from our managers was extremely positive and enthusiastic. They found that the concepts and approaches could be immediately applied to their jobs."

Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers
  "I took more away from Negotiation Boot Camp than any other class I have taken on the subject. Ed kept the dialogue live and real. I can now make it more applicable and valuable to my job."

Philip Morris
  "Not only was your presentation excellent, but your customization of the cases was a tremendous aid in relating to our 'real-life' situations."

Quest Diagnostics
  "My team was truly inspired by both the content and style of your presentation. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision!"

  "Ed was able to hold the attention of 40 animated purchasing personnel for an eight hour seminar, quite a feat in itself!"

Raytheon Aircraft
  "High ratings not only for your presentation style, but for the value and effectiveness of the program itself. Such words as excellent, interesting, informative, entertaining, and educational are repeated over and over."

Ritz-Carlton Hotels
  "The team absolutely walked away energized! The information Ed shared was extremely practical and easy for them to implement. Ed is a great story teller and presents the information in a way that truly sticks with people. I just bought more copies of the book since everyone wants to read it! Wow! We are set for a great year!"

St. Paul Bank
  "Outstanding. I was especially pleased that you were able to tailor the program to our business."

Serena Software
  "You integrated our products into your presentation with such ease, it appeared as if you had been selling them for years."

Seagate Technology
  "Ed repeatedly receives the highest evaluations. We consider our business partnership with him to be of great benefit to our employees."

  "Our employees have never been so excited after any other training event! The customized examples made it easy to translate the learning into results for them immediately. Your book and audio album are receiving acclaim as well."

Technology Forecasters, Inc.
  "The entertaining stories and role-playing made Negotiation Boot Camp powerful and life-changing. I can now recognize other people's tactics for what they are, and I know how to find a win-win."

Whitt Sturtevant Law Firm
  "Thanks again for your informative, entertaining presentation. We all learned a lot and look forward to incorporating the principles in our work."

Wood Group
  "The best seminar I ever attended. If people get half of what I got from your program, they will succeed. It was the catalyst that started me off thinking, 'Hey, we can negotiate this!'"

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