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Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals by Ed Brodow   Negotiation Boot Camp book by Ed Brodow
     The business classic based on Ed's acclaimed corporate seminars. Readers have the opportunity to hone their skills and develop the confidence they need to negotiate successfully at work and at home.

Negotiation Boot Camp is witty, incisive, instructive, pithy and chock full of real-world examples; it shows us how to succeed -- not just in negotiations, but in life itself. This is a must-read.
Harvey Pitt
SEC Chairman

  $16.95 Paperback
$  7.99 Kindle ebook
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DVD: 6 Principles to Negotiate Anything with Ed Brodow
  6 Principles to Negotiate Anything
    DVD Multi-Media Learning System designed for classroom facilitation and instructor-led training. The video focuses on the six most important concepts that every successful negotiator needs to know.

  You can order this DVD Learning System from Media Partners.  

Beating the Success Trap: Negotiating Your Own Path to Success by Ed Brodow   Beating
    Ed's new book challenging the conventional meaning of success. For more information about this book see


$16.95 Paperback
$  7.99 Kindle Ebook
Order Beating the Success Trap from Amazon.


Tyranny of the Minority: How the Left is Destroying America by Ed Brodow
  Tyranny of the Minority, by Ed Brodow
    Ed Brodow analyzes the extreme Left's plan to transform America into an authoritarian socialist nation run by unaccountable government bureaucrats. An insightful, well-written indictment of extremist politics.

Brodow offers a powerful, frightening but much-needed warning of what could happen to America if the Left realizes its objectives. This book arrives not a moment too soon.
Monica Crowley
New York Times bestselling author

  $16.95 Paperback
$  8.95 Kindle ebook
  Order Tyranny of the Minority from Amazon.  

In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving the American Public by Ed Brodow
  In Lies We Trust, by Ed Brodow
    Ed Brodow exposes the outrageous lies that have been disseminated about Islamic terrorism, global warming, healthcare, welfare entitlement, racial tension, and other important things that your elected representatives don't want you to know.

  $16.00 Paperback
$  7.99 Kindle ebook
  Order In Lies We Trust from Amazon.  

Fixer: A Novel by Ed Brodow   Fixer - A novel by Ed Brodow
  Power broker Harry Leonnoff takes on Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in this thrilling novel of New York City politics. For more about the book see

  $14.95 Paperback
$  7.99 Kindle Ebook
Order Fixer from Amazon.

Women From Venus: Four Short Novels by Ed Brodow   Women From Venus - Four novels by Ed Brodow
  The author of Fixer has created a magnificent quartet of short novels. For more about the book see

  $14.95 Paperback
$  7.99 Kindle Ebook
Order Women From Venus from Amazon.

The Stamp: A Thriller by Ed Brodow   The Stamp - A thriller by Ed Brodow
  Tommy Courten embarks on a dangerous South American manhunt to bring his sister’s psychopathic killer to justice. For more about the book see


$  2.99
Order the ebook The Stamp:
   Amazon Kindle
   Barnes & Noble Nook


The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind: A Short Novel by Ed Brodow   The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind - A short novel by Ed Brodow
  Clifford Day Vanderwall succumbs to fortune hunter Shirley Horner in this outrageous satire about love among New York’s upper crust. For more about the book see


$  2.99
Order the ebook The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind:
   Amazon Kindle
   Barnes & Noble Nook


The Stupid Bowl: A Short Satire by Ed Brodow   The Stupid Bowl, a short satire by Ed Brodow
  Elliott Madera accuses his friends of being brainwashed by all the sports they watch on television.


$  0.99
Order the ebook The Stupid Bowl:
   Amazon Kindle


Our employees have never been so excited after any other training event! Your book and audio album are receiving acclaim as well, and complement the presentation beautifully.


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